Bringing Humanity to the Workplace

(and having fun while we do it)

Our Story

We started our journey 25 years ago delivering parenting workshops driven by a purpose to bring out the best in children by starting with the parents first. When a parent recommended that we take our workshops to the workplace, we jumped at the opportunity to equip leaders and their teams to experience what was invaluable for our parents.

Equipping teams to do BIG things requires wickedly talented human beings

to create, execute and support the solutions we are honored to deliver to our client partners.  To nail this, we focus on three areas:


Heart is what we look for because this is what fuels our focus on bringing humanity to work and beyond.



Growth is how we keep improving. When our team is elevating their potential, it accelerates our ability to grow humanity practices at work. 


Fun is what fuels heart and mind. We make sure we have fun while getting stuff done. 

Our Beliefs

We are serious about delivering an experience that is unlike any other. We hold ourselves accountable to what we believe and promise. Here is what drives us every day and in every decision. As with the thousands of teams we’ve partnered with, we’re deeply honored to be considered to deliver this to you. Here’s why.

Our philosophy and methodology doesn’t require any of us to change who we are. Instead, it activates and amplifies the brilliance we already possess.

(Don’t buy the lie that your team doesn’t have what it takes.

We have all got heart-moxie within us.)

The work of doing big things does not require doing more; it is a method to being more.

It’s time we stand up against this notion that pervades workplaces, the idea that most of us are not worthy, are not capable of doing BIG things. That a select few were anointed as supreme, while the rest of us are somehow


We are not inept.

We are grounded in the wisdom that within us—all of us together—is the genius, the strength, and the moxie to OVERERCOME any obstacle we confront.

Our beliefs show up in our interactions, our processes, our talent and our delivery. Leadership Excellence Awards

Verus Global was nominated, by our Client-Partners, for the Leadership Excellence And Development (LEAD) awards based on their experience with us, our programs and the impact they saw on their business. We were recognized for excellence in the categories below along with other notable winners Korn Ferry, DDI and Franklin Covey.

4th Top Leadership Partner

2015 & 2018 – Recognizing the great work of a leadership solution partner or provider

12th Best Use of Team Building

2015 & 2016 – Recognizing organizations that have deployed team building training and exercises to advance the level of cohesive leadership across the organization.

15th Best Global/ International Leadership Program

2015 & 2016 – Recognizing leadership programs deployed globally that have consistently impacted leadership skill on a global scale.

22nd Best Experienced/Senior Leaders Program

2015 & 2016 – Recognizing organizations that build leadership strength at the top of the organization through the continued development of its existing senior leaders.

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Our Experience

We’ve been fortunate to partner with incredible organizations and deliver solutions across multiple countries and industries.




Meet Our Delivery Experts

We’re a global team of talent and leadership development specialists who believe all organizations have tremendous potential, because people have tremendous potential. We’re dedicated to equipping leaders and cultures with the skills to activate human potential — and, we do it like no one else.

Craig Ross

CEO, Author, Speaker


Angie Paccione, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor and Author



Burak Malkoc

Senior Advisor


Sheryl Alstrin

Master Facilitator

Kevin Gray

Sr Facilitator & Client Success Partner


Pilar Pardo

Master Facilitator



Sue Taigman

Master Facilitator



Paul Zaffiro

Senior Facilitator