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Immediate Results

One-off leadership development efforts produce mediocre results.

We look across your organization to design a comprehensive solution that transforms the business while activating the heart of the people that fuel it.

Changing behaviors is not an intellectual exercise.

It is the business of the heart.

Talent management professionals have masterfully established and designed the capabilities and behaviors needed to execute the business strategy; though the competency models, the data, the 360 surveys and the performance management efforts are not taking hold. As an industry, we have missed a key step in our efforts.

Before we’re asked to build capabilities across the business, we must first solicit and establish what we call, the human imperative – what does the team need to think, feel and do differently in order to execute the business strategy.

When teams open their hearts – they open their minds. This unleashes individual abilities, and therefore collective capabilities that truly move the business forward. It’s a paradigm shift: because the capabilities you need today will not be the capabilities you need tomorrow, yet you still have the same team.

One team can’t do this alone.

Here is how we build multiple like-minded teams across the enterprise:


Our tried-and-true programs include our curriculum, certified facilitators and centered on your business objectives.

Executive Solutions

Our coaching goes beyond the typical coaching offering. We equip leaders with tools and ways to reinforce and practice those tools in every interaction.

Custom Solutions

Solutions custom designed around your one BIG thing and tailor made for you.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching goes beyond the typical coaching offering. We equip leaders with tools and ways to reinforce and practice those tools in every interaction.


Our speakers have experience engaging crowds of 20 to 2000. They speak on a variety of topics facing leaders today.

“Verus Global provided us with tools that have aided us in focusing on developing our leadership capabilities which has created an environment where our people can do their best work.”

Michael Nelson

VP of Manufacturing (Baking & Foods), Nestlé


Pathways to Leadership®

Our award-winning program delivers 2 Years in 3 Days: We promise your leaders will unify to one team in what would normally take two years to accomplish.

The Impact Program

Identify and put into practice the thinking, action and heart necessary across your team to move your business objective forward quickly and effectively, while also elevating the teams’ commitment –to their work and each other.

The Connector System

We will equip a networked team of collaborative leadership specialists. Called Connectors, they empower employees by developing in real-time the interpersonal capabilities research says are essential to executing plans.

The Mindset Program

Equip the masses with a cascading one-team mindset and common language to broaden the business impact.

A.C.T in Partnership

Alignment + Communication + Trust = Speed

Leaders emerge with tools and sharpened skills needed to create team dynamics necessary for success. As a result of the A.C.T. in Partnership Program participants will be able to demonstrate a shared purpose, trust and communication as a team, “Beyond Engagement” alignment, and an ability to partner and rally for each other’s success in the context of what they have to deliver to the business

Audience: C-Suite, Executive Level, Senior Leaders, Mid-level Managers, Directors, Intact or Cross-functional teams

Transformational Inclusion

Our Transformational Inclusion program is designed to go beyond the traditional diversity program, achieving a more inclusive environment and accelerated cultural competence.

We equip individuals and leaders with the awareness, knowledge and skills to enable transformational change in the workplace.

As a result you can expect a more inclusive environment, where potential is activated and cultural competence is accelerated – beyond diversity.

Audience: All-Levels

Instead of being really good at doing some particular thing, today organizations must be really good at learning how to do many new things. Your business is complex and therefore requires doing more with less now. We get it.

Our approach allows us to co-create tailor-made solutions to execute your one big thing. Because the capabilities you need today will not be the capabilities you need tomorrow.

Custom Solutions

Executive Solutions

Executives must transform the business at an exponential pace. This requires tapping into individual and collective greatness in extraordinary ways. Our Executive Solutions are designed to bring out the transformative capabilities of your leaders and the teams they serve, while equipping them with a proven method that makes leaders great, so they can make big things happen – now. 

Executive Facilitation: Whether it is your executive team or another business unit where alignment and collaboration is critical, our seasoned Executive Facilitators partner with you to identify and align around the business and human imperative in order to achieve your One Big Thing. 

Executive Advisement: As an executive, you have only moments to spare. When you need strategic advisement on bringing out the best in your team and your culture,  our team of Executive Advisors carry the business and leadership experience to provide objective input when you need it most.

Our Coaching Process develops stronger, even more capable leaders who get better results. Because we believe in elevating potential before during and after our programs, we offer coaching to support how your leaders put what they learn into practice.

We promise that the people around the individual being coached notice a change in behaviors and performance.



Inspire attendees, your leaders and teams to believe that they can accomplish big things by igniting the humanity, passion and greatness already within them.

Craig Ross

CEO of Verus Global, a four-time book author, executive coach, facilitator and a sought-after speaker.

“For any company to DO more, their employees must be equipped to BE more.”

Our 3-Point Process:



First, we listen to understand your needs: What do your leaders and team need to be doing more of, better or differently?

We then co-create a strategic plan that includes any combination of our programs, coaching, advisement and/or speaking.


We ensure we’re aligned on your business objectives prior to delivery of any solution. We execute on the strategic plan and deliver immediate results.



We optimize your investment and leverage the momentum created to accelerate and sustain results.

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